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Benefits of Seasonal Work

As we all know the holidays are a busy time for everyone. Planning trips to family gatherings and long list of gifts or bills that seem to come from everywhere.  If you are in need of extra cash at the end of the year, consider a seasonal job.  Seasonal work is a golden opportunity to earn some serious cash right when you need it most.

Many companies have HUGE holiday rushes near the end of the year and offer a chance to really increase your income for the holiday season.

Higher wages + lots of overtime = extra cash!

Often times, companies hiring during the holiday season are hiring when they need workers the most. This means opportunity for you!  These companies will often times offer higher wages, lots of overtime, and/or other financial incentives to help them out through their busy season.  These companies need as many people as possible and they are willing to pay the price to get them.

Flexibility & Skill Development

Many companies offer several creative shift scheduling opportunities.  Companies such as,, Wal-Mart, and many others offer flex scheduling.  In other words, seasonal jobs often offer flexibility that other jobs do not offer.

If you have a full-time job and simply want to earn extra cash on the weekends during these peak seasons, let a recruiter know your schedule and when you are available to work. If there are shifts available that meet your criteria, they will be more than happy to have an interview with you. You may also take away valuable work experience that can help you in your future growth with your current company or positions you may have in the future. 

Why so many seasonal jobs exist

First and foremost, everyone needs more help during the holiday season. This is especially true in retail, internet retailers, e-comm, retail distribution and consumer product facilities. Think about it – all the clothes, toys, and products that hit the shelf or ordered online have to come from somewhere!

New career and exciting opportunities

A seasonal job can offer a gateway to other new job opportunities within an industry you might not have otherwise considered.  You not only get the income you need to make it through a holiday hump but also exposure that you would not have had otherwise.

Focus offers many seasonal jobs in warehouse, distribution centers, internet retail, and e-comm. Apply with us today and let’s get you started!


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