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3 Steps To Nail Your Interview Follow-Up

You completed your interview and as far as you know things look great. You’re excited to begin working and you’re eager to do anything to stand out. Planning a successful follow-up can easily become stressful and overthought but it also could be exactly what you need to seal the deal. We’re here to help you with our three easy steps to your post-interview follow-up.


You may be asking yourself whether to call, email, or stop in for a face to face follow-up. Not that any of these are bad ideas but trust your gut feeling and go with what feels appropriate. Try not to over think it and reflect on how your interview went. Did they provide you a timeframe to contact them? Did they request you call them in a few days? If the recruiter has offered you valuable information on how to best reach them then simply follow through with their request.


You have already put in the work to stand out from the other applicants so don’t stop there! Once you have decided how and when you’re going to contact a recruiter, decide what you want to say and any additional information you wish to provide. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the interview questions or miss an opportunity to inform them of additional skills. Take a few moments to collect your thoughts and finish strong.


So, you have done everything you can and you have followed up a few times but still haven’t received a start date. Try not to be discouraged if you need someone hiring now please contact your recruiter and ask about other open positions. If a few weeks have gone by and the company still does not have other positions you are interested in request when to follow-up on available jobs or decide to apply elsewhere.


Timing is important and planning out what you want to say or covering any information you missed could be the icing on the cake. Try not to feel bad if you don’t get the position or if nothing is currently available. At the end of the day you can say you did your best and you gained some valuable experience.

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