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Is a temporary job for you?

Often times people tend to have mixed emotions about working for a temp agency. Friends or family may have had bad experience or made them appear as something low class individuals do to make ends meet. At the end of the day the only person who truly knows if a temp job is an option worth exploring is you. Here is a guide to assist those of you with conflicting thoughts on whether or not a temp job is for you.


Maybe you have been unemployed for a while, looking for your first job, or starting work again after being a stay at home parent for a number of years. Something we typically take for granted is the flexibility to ease back into working. It’s not easy to pick up where you left off especially in physically demanding roles. If you’re looking to start working again typically staffing agencies offer a variety of schedules, assignments, and various jobs according to your skill level and interest. You can use a staffing agency as an opportunity to new try a new career field or a stepping stone to getting back into the swing of things.


Typically staffing agencies have a lot of different options for employment as they work with numerous companies and employers in your area. From warehouse jobs, distributions jobs, manufacturing jobs to call center jobs you can expect to have a choice in where you will be working. If an agency doesn’t have positions you would be interested in you can search for another agency that does.

Weekly Pay

Most often you will find agencies that offer weekly pay.  It can make your life a lot simpler when you can make weekly plans on your income than planning two weeks at a time.


Staffing agencies and temporary jobs often times have jobs that would not otherwise exist or be available directly with a company.  New product lines, seasonal hiring, new facilities, etc. are all reasons companies use temporary staffing agencies and offer temp jobs.  high turnover rates turn to staffing agencies for many or all of their hiring needs.

Pros and cons exist with every decision you make. If your looking at working for a temp agency or at least need a job now and have had no luck finding work. We strongly suggest that you contact a recruiter and discuss any questions you have or browse their website. Staffing agencies offer many opportunities for professional and personal growth. Seize the chance to get your foot in the door into this growing industry and take your first step to a brighter tomorrow.

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