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5 Tips For Your First Warehouse Job

So you got your first warehouse job – what do you do now?

Congratulations you have landed your first Warehouse Job! Hopefully the employer has done a good job of explaining what to expect on your first day. However, the processes from the interview to start date can become a bit rushed at times. If you are worrying about your first day or wondering what to expect, here are our 5 tips for your first day at a warehouse job.

  1. Buy a good pair of shoes/ boots.
    • You will be walking a lot! It’s wise to use comfortable and supportive shoes.  Often times we underestimate how much walking/ standing we will be doing in the facility. Buying a good pair of shoe inserts will help a lot.
  2. Pack a quick easy lunch
    • Some facilities are in remote areas or not close to fast food. So, having to leave for lunch is likely not always going to be an option. Avoid being late by packing a quick easy lunch for your first few days or at least until your familiar with the processes involved in your facility.
  3. Arrive early
    • You have probably heard this before but its definitely going to help you. The first day of a new job can be confusing and there may be additional steps you need to do on your first day. Arriving early just helps to eliminate unnecessary and avoidable hiccups.
  4. Ask questions
    • People are often ashamed to ask simple questions. This is your opportunity for a great career and there are no stupid questions.
  5. Smile and say “hi”!
    • As simple as it sounds, smiling shows people you are approachable and friendly.  The easiest way to win over new strangers is to smile and simply say “hi”.  Once you’ve said hello then you are not strangers anymore!

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